We provide a wide range of carpet options for commercial purposes. Whether you want beautiful designs to attract customers to your store or durable material for high traffic and easy maintenance, we can help.

High-traffic areas demand high-quality carpets which will not only last, but look good for years. We offer an extensive range of carpets in Ballarat, including commercial and marine-grade materials.

If you are renovating a commercial space, such as an office, you need durable carpet which will withstand the daily tread of staff back and forth. Or, if you’re completing a fit-out of a new commercial space then you want the carpets done right the first time, and you want them to last.

We understand that choosing the right combination of colour, fabric and underlay for a commercial application can be difficult. Visit our showroom in Ballarat and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you.

Our friendly experts will provide an accurate and obligation-free quote on the spot in your home or workplace.